Saturday, February 11, 2012

Harvest Moon IPA

This month I decided that I haven't brewed a good regular IPA in a while.  Most of the time when I brew something like an IPA I end up brewing a IIPA or a black IIPA.  So I decided that I would take my favorite pale ale recipe and flip it into an IPA by just turning up the hop profile.  This recipe features orange zest and coriander which, pairs nicely with the citrus bite from the cascade and centennial hops.  with all the hops and orange zest it does end up as a cloudy beer with a little bit of chill haze but the taste is great.  I actually have the recipe for the pale ale version of this up in the recipes section here.  Previous versions of this pale ale have been a partial mash recipe but I tweaked the recipe to all-grain for this brew.

My strike temp was 167.28F to hit a mash in at 153F.  I held the mash at that temp for 60mins while collecting and heating the sparge water.  I didn't really document a lot of pictures through this brew.

    After recirculating and collecting runoff from the mash and the sparge, I ended up with 8.25gal of wort set to boil down to 5.5-6gals.  After the boil and cool down I noticed that I forgot the last 10 min addition of orange zest and coriander.  So I quickly went to work boiling about a quart of water with some DME (in order to not drop the OG too much) and boiled the orange zest and coriander in a separate wort, cooled then added it to the rest in the fermenter.
    Turns out I had fairly lousy eff. on this batch (around 59%).  So I made a note on my recipe to up the base malt for next time.  In fact I ended up being so off on my numbers that I actually feed the fermenter a 12oz dextrose addition which adjusted my OG and made my  FG go a little lower (1.010).  I'll have to see but I think the lower FG shouldn't hurt and might give the beer a nice dry finish.

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